Brooke Buckett

Brooke Buckett

  • Cell: (401) 523-8596
  • Office: (401) 245-2000

About Brooke Buckett

Brooke is an experienced East Bay REALTOR® with deep ties to our Barrington community. Brooke utilizes her knowledge from being a former marketing admin at River’s Edge and creating her own business to her advantage when guiding her clients to buy or sell. Her clients value her honesty, integrity and dedication and she continually strives to provide each and every client with a most positive real estate experience! Interested in learning more, Brooke is here to help you! 


5-Star Client Reviews

“Brooke Buckett is absolutely amazing!

From the very start of the process she explains everything thoroughly and tells you what to expect. She doesn’t give you unrealistic expectations and tells you how the process works, and how to get the best dollar for a sale or purchase. We did everything Brooke asked to get our condo ready for sale, she gave us a range for sale price, we went with a nice number in the middle, and it sold within 24 hours. Brooke’s marketing and photos, plus doing everything she asked made all the difference. Now that we have sold, Brooke is helping us find our new home. All I can say is she made the process easy and if you listen and have patience, you won’t be disappointed!”

— Providence, RI


“She was a pleasure to work with and would recommend her highly.

Brooke assisted us with the sale of our previous home and the purchase of our current home. She was there from day 1 and was there until the end. She did her research on our previous and current home to determine the appropriate value for the sale and purchase. She did many things that were above and beyond what she needed to do in order to complete both transactions.”

— Exeter, RI


“Brooke was excellent throughout the process of the purchase of my home.

 She is very knowledgeable, honest, always reachable, and a very sweet person. I completely trusted Brooke. I will not hesitate to contact her in the future, when needed.”

— – Pawtucket, RI