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7 Easy DIY Home Decor Projects

Dated: June 19 2023

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The best part of interior decorating is watching your vision come together. Sprucing up your home with decor you've made yourself makes it all the more special! Here are seven simple DIY home decor projects to try today

1. Magazine Mirror

Photo Credit: Crafty Jenny

If you've found yourself holding onto old magazines, (can't bare to recycle those issues of Rhode Island Monthly?) spare the pages of two or three to create a colorful, one of a kind boarder for a mirror.

First, find a mirror that fits the space you're looking to fill. Next, decide on the magazines you're willing to part with and rip out single pages. Then, fold the pages accordion style or wrap them around a thin wooden skewer. Once your page is rolled up, use hot glue to secure the edge.

After that, you're set to attach the pages to the boarder of the mirror. Depending on the mirror's shape and size, the amount of magazines you'll need will vary. Glue each page to the mirror by cutting it in half, in quarters, in eighths, and so on to ensure there are no gaps. Allow time to dry completely before hanging your mirror.

2. Bottle Cap Candles

Bottle cap candles are a simple and cost efficient way to customize your home with scents of your choice! It's as easy as it sounds, just collect the metal bottle caps of your favorite beverages, equip them with a candle wick, and fill them with candle wax. Once the wax hardens, you'll be set to light your little candle. 

Tip: Bottle cap candles look particularly lovely on a table with seven or eight lit together. Make sure to save the caps from your next trip to Pivotal or Twelve Guns Brewery!

3. Painted Glass Jars

Painting empty salsa jars, glass bottles, or salt shakers is a creative way to add storage space or decoration to your home.

First you should be sure to wash out your chosen jar and dry it thoroughly. Next, pick your paint design and paint your heart out! 

Once it's dry, you're ready to display it in your home! You may want to use it to contain pencils or fill it with string lights to use as a decorative night light. 

Tip: Acrylic paint will stick best to glass. Stop by Craftland in Providence to pick up a few bottles of your favorite colors!

4. Planter Cans

Photo Credit: Upcycle That

If you've come across a beverage can that you absolutely love, consider cutting off the rim and making it into a planter! Plants offer a wide variety of benefits for our homes and containing them in cans minimizes the space they take up. 

First, find the plant that is best suited for your home. It may be a succulent, a rooting stem, cut flowers, or planted seeds. Frerich's Farm is a great place to find the perfect plant for you. With so many options and a knowledgable staff, you're guarenteed to find your perfect plant match!

After picking your plant, it's time to renovate it's new home. This step requires a pair of metal cutting scissors or a blade sharp enough to cut smoothly through a can.

Only adults should perform this step with caution. Trace the rim of the can so the top (containing the drinking hole and can tab) is removed. 

Caution: The rim will be sharp. To prevent injury, wear protective gloves and coat the rim with hot glue or shellac to soften the edge. 

Once the can is cut, it's time to add the plant's necessary soil or water. Fill the can according to the plant's size and add in your plant. Ensure you consistently meet your plant's sunlight and water needs to increase it's chance of survival. 

5. Flat Object Floating Shelves

Photo Credit: Homedit

This DIY project requires the most carpentry skills but is still quite simple! If your home is lacking open storage, you may consider creating your own with any flat and long object you no longer use.

Those skateboards that have been collecting dust in the garage for years, old boat oars for that canoe you sold so long ago, previous (no longer valid) license plates, and drawers to an old dresser that has been sitting in your basement are all perfect options for new shelves!

You'll need to secure your shelf to the wall with wooden or metal supports so it can hold the items you're looking to display but other than that, the rest of the project is up to you!

You can decide if you'd like to paint your shelves, turn them upside down, or maybe cut them in half? Whatever makes the most sense for the items you're looking to store.

6. Twine Fruit Hammock

Photo Credit: Raising Nobles

Bruised fruit at the bottom of the refrigerator drawer isn't too appealing as a nutricious snack. But fruit displayed beautifully in a twine or macrame hammock sure is!

Knotting a fruit hammock may sound complicated, but macrame patters are extremely repetitive and less time consuming than you'd expect! Depending on the size of your desired fruit hammock, decide on the netting medium and a pattern to follow.

Tip: Many patterns are available for free on Pinterest and step by step tutorials are posted on YouTube.

After your hammock is complete, all that's left to do is hang it up and fill it with your fruit! Now you and your family can protect, admire, and more easily access your produce!

7. CD Coasters

Using old or scratched CDs as a coaster is a retro way to add some shine and protection to your coffee table!

You can even paint your CDs to maximize customization or leave it as is for a classic look.

Tip: Adding cork to one side is helpful in minimizing the coaster's slipperiness. 

Boost your home's homey-ness with some made-by-you decor!

If you try one of these projects please tag us @remaxriversedge on Instagram or Tik Tok or RE/MAX River's Edge on Facebook so we can admire your work!

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